A yellow road sign with a motorcycle and the word Friend. Look twice.

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.

For a lot of riders in the U.S., the bike is coming out of the garage for the first time. After a long cold winter of not seeing us on the road, let’s all take a moment and remind motorists to please share the road with us.

Each of us owes it to our fellow motorcyclists to be goodwill ambassadors for the lifestyle. At the end of the ride, we go home to our spouses and kids. We are all just humans. Doesn’t matter how many wheels.

I’ve gathered a collection of Motorcycle Awareness Memes that you can share with your friends.

Click on an image to open it. You can share it to your social media feeds to help spread the message of safety.

Please check back. I will add more motorcycle Awareness Infographics as I find them.


Towards Zero Deaths Motorcycle Safety Resource Center

Orthopaedic Trauma Association Motorcycle Safety PSA

Ride Smart Florida Look For Me 123

State of Delaware Arrive Alive Respect Your Ride Motorcycle Safety

Zero Fatalities Nevada Ride Safe Campaign

Utah Department of Public Safety Riding Tips

United States Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Marketing Motorcycle Awareness Resources

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

American Motorcyclist Association Riding Tips