A yellow road sign with a motorcycle and the word Friend. Look twice.

Updated May 28, 2020

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.

For a lot of riders in the U.S., the bike is coming out of the garage for the first time. After a long cold winter of not seeing us on the road, let’s all take a moment and remind motorists to please share the road with us.

Each of us owes it to our fellow motorcyclists to be goodwill ambassadors for the lifestyle. At the end of the ride, we go home to our spouses and kids. We are all just humans. Doesn’t matter how many wheels.

I’ve gathered a collection of Motorcycle Awareness Memes that you can share with your friends.

Click on an image to open it. You can share it to your social media feeds to help spread the message of safety.

Yellow road sign with silhouette of motorcycle and the word DAD.
Black and white photo of an infant. The text of this infographic reminds motorists that where you see a biker, this baby sees his grandpa.
Infographic Warning Triangle with motorcycle silhouette. Text in image reads - Put The Phone Down, Pass on the Triple Latte, and Please... Just Drive. Motorcycles Are Everywhere
PSA to encourage motorists to look twice for Motorcycles.
Infographic Image of motorcycle sitting at traffic signal. Text reads - May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Motorcyclists: Ride Smart, Be Safe!
Inforgraphic - Featuring a silhouette of motorcycle. Made to look like a No Parking Sign. Text reads - Look Twice Save a Life.
Motorcycle Awareness Month PSA with a Motorcycle approaching, pictured in the driver's side mirror.
Bright Yellow backgwound with single color Black image of sportbike and rider entering a turn. Text reads - Watch Out For Motorcycles. Arrive Alive.
Infographic of approaching motorcycle with sunset in background. Text reads - LOOK for Motorcycles. See and Be Seen.
Asphalt road next to scenic river. A motorcycle is approaching. The text in this infographic reminds motorists to show support by sharing the road with motorcyclists.
Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month PSA.
Why does it look like they are stopped on the wrong side of the road???
A man with a bandaged leg stump sits in a wheelchair holding two yellow signs that read Watch for Motorcycles.
A motorcycle riding away on curvy scenic road. The text in this infographic reminds motorists that where they see a biker, motorcyclists are dads, moms, brothers, sisters. Everyday people.
May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, Be Part of The Solution.
Two motorcycles approaching in a turn on asphalt roadway. The text reminds motorists to watch out for motorcycles because they do not have airbags and crumple zones.
A vintage postcard style infographic featuring Uncle Sam wearing a motorcycle helmet. I want you to watch out for motorcycles.
A biker approaches on a lonely desert road. Text of this infographic reminds motorists to Respect My Space, Respect My Life.
A rider on a sport bike. The text of this infographic reminds motorists to share the road and look twice for motorcyclists.
Infographic featuring a vintage motorcycle with text. Help save a biker... Open your f*cking eyes!
Photo of illuminated road construction sign that reads, Please Share The Road.
An infographic with double yellow line on asphalt. Text reads Bikes Make Lousy Speed Bumps. Drive Aware.
Motorcycle Awareness Meme aimed at reminding bikers to ride responsibly.
A long straight, uphill section of road, with a motorcycle convoy of at least 100 bikes is approaching. The text reads, Please keep in mind that if you ever see a group of bikers like this, we are likely riding for charity or escorting the fallen. Your patience on the road is appreciated while we complete our mission.
Motorcyclist approaching in vehicle mirror. Text on bottom of mirror reads, Objects in mirror are more vulnerable than they appear.
High Contast Infographic. White background with black. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Look Twice, save a life. A silhouette a motorcycle and a motorcyclist. of
Man wearing safety green tee shirt from behind. Text on shirt reads " Can You See Me Now?"
Picture of driver's side car mirror, with Honda Goldwing approaching in the mirror. Text above and below the image Look Twice - Save a Life! Share the Road with Motorcycles. May Motorcycle Awareness Month
Inforgraphic. Bright Orange Background with large white text, Are You A Looker? Black text, smaller font, Keep an eye out of r Motorcyclists. They're looking out for you.
Inforgraphic. A motorcyclist stands to the left, dark background to the right. Bright Text on a dark background, 4 Deadly Words: "I didn't see him"
A yellow road sign with a motorcycle and the word Friend. Look twice.

Please check back. I will add more motorcycle Awareness Infographics as I find them.


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