High-Tech LED Motorcycle-Brake-Lights That Sense Your Speed Vololights – Motorcycle Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and I’ve found two innovative products from Vectolabs LLC that I feel will help to improve your visibility to drivers following.

We can all agree that better visibility should help to improve safety on the road.

A motorcyclist looks over shoulder at Pickup truck that is following too closely.

The inspiration came from a close call that Vectolabs co-founder Faizal Ali had. As he approached the highway exit, he let off the throttle and Continue reading “High-Tech LED Motorcycle-Brake-Lights That Sense Your Speed Vololights – Motorcycle Awareness Month”

Toledo Motorcycle Shop Launches Online Gear Store

I’m proud to announce that I now have ecommerce on my site.

My brand new Motorcycle Gear shopping portal is http://Shop.RandsGear.com

The new shopping page has been live for less than twenty four hours. I have just started adding new products to my inventory. I will be adding new items to my catalog daily. Continue reading “Toledo Motorcycle Shop Launches Online Gear Store”

Now Offering Motion-Pro Tools

I am now an authorized dealer for Motion-Pro. They make a variety of top-quality tools and replacement parts.
Motion Pro, Inc. ® designs and manufactures high quality cables, tools and controls for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft.
Motion Pro products are used and endorsed by champions and Continue reading “Now Offering Motion-Pro Tools”

My February #OneDaySale was a Success

Thank you to all who attended our #OneDaySale on February 22 2015. I appreciate it.

The sale was a success. I’m already planning another one for the spring. Probably mid-April. By then, the weather will be warm enough that many motorcyclists will be tired of riding the couch and be ready to get back on their bikes.

You didn’t hear about my sale? Please like the Rands Motorcycle Gear Facebook page to stay in the know. Next time will be even better. Continue reading “My February #OneDaySale was a Success”