We Ride Responsibly Out Of Respect

The reason that I am opening a Motorcycle Riding Gear shop is to provide greater access to Technical Riding Apparel. My goal is to keep riders safe on the roads and trails. All the Safety Gear in the world can’t protect you from inexperience. In addition to selling riding gear, I want to promote safe motorcycling. I want to increase access to Motorcycle Safety Classes, and encourage Riders of all skill levels to take advantage of these resources.
I have worked for two motorcycle dealerships. I have experience in Parts and Accessories sales. During the times I was at both dealerships, I heard about many riders that Continue reading “We Ride Responsibly Out Of Respect”

Toledo Motorcycle Legend – Cycleman

If you’re from Toledo, and you ride a motorcycle, you have probably heard of Cycleman on Lagrange Street.
I’m not sure how long he has been there. I’ve been in Toledo about twenty years, and he’s been there since before I came to town.
Cycleman’s shop is awesome.
I’ve never seen so many motorcycle parts in one place. If you ride a street bike, Continue reading “Toledo Motorcycle Legend – Cycleman”

The Motorcyclist That Motivates Me

The reason I am opening a Motorcycle Riding Gear Shop is to provide greater access to Safety Gear and to increase Driver Awareness of Motorcyclists.
I grew up with older brothers that rode. I was about four years old the first time I went out on the road with them. I started riding in front of them holding Continue reading “The Motorcyclist That Motivates Me”

In Search of the Perfect Motorcycling Destination

Bikers love to ride.
Any excuse to get on my motorcycle is good enough for me.
Once I fold that kickstand, I don’t want to put it back down. We all got to stop somewhere to stretch our legs and eat. When we get to ride, we want to cruise. No one wants to be stuck in traffic and urban gridlock. Motorcycles crave the open road. Give me a few hills, and Continue reading “In Search of the Perfect Motorcycling Destination”

Learn From Small Businesses That Failed

A firm handshake seals the dealEach of us has our own unique set of goals. Right now, high on my priority list is getting my motorcycle gear shop open. I can already smell the leather. That’s one of the things that I miss most about working in a motorcycle dealership. My goal is to get my shop open, and just as importantly Continue reading “Learn From Small Businesses That Failed”

A Different Kind of Motorcycle Shop Is Coming To Town

My name is Rand. I’m in the process of opening a motorcycle safety gear store in Toledo Ohio. My goal is to provide access to a wide range of products focused on improving rider’s safety and comfort while they are on their motorcycles.
I have a well thought out business plan. I have read extensively about Continue reading “A Different Kind of Motorcycle Shop Is Coming To Town”