The Rough Road To My Motorcycle Shop

I Photoshopped my sign onto the front of the Uptown Shop. I try to remain positive as I wait for the landlord to call.

I’ve faced some obstacles as I have worked towards opening my shop. I wanted to have a lease signed by August First and have the door open by September First. Here it is almost October First. I had a place in Sylvania that I was interested in, but other things came up, and I got distracted. IMG_20130710_104552When I got my head back in the game, I found a property in uptown district that I like even better, and still want. Was working out the details of the lease and the landlord has gone silent on me. I hope all is well. I’ve been trying my hardest to stay positive about his space.IMG_20130828_115159

The holiday shopping season is primetime for ecommerce. I have to be ready to rock and roll by Thanksgiving, and the party will be over by December 20th. I need ink on a lease and applications into the suppliers so that I can get to building on the catalog.

randsgear-storefrontI have a picture of the uptown storefront on my wall. I photoshopped my sign onto it to keep myself motivated. Somewhere, Positivity has to bend to the facts of reality. I want the uptown shop. Regardless, I have to find a place to put my shop and get to building on the catalog. I hope the uptown place comes back around before I ink something else. It’s like day twelve since we last spoke. I have left a few messages. He hasn’t called.

I’ve looked at storefronts from Rossford to Sylvania; Uptown, Downtown, Polish Village to Point Place, The Old West End and The South End too. How long am I supposed to wait for the phone to ring? I need to have a space rented to move forward. The power of positivity has to give way to the reality of the circumstances. As beautiful as the space in uptown is, as close to home as it is, as great a value as it was to be, my commitment is to the project. I need to move the project forward even if it does mean letting go of the vision of my shop in that building.

The right space is out there. I may have already found it.