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My first priority is to my family. I’m a parent first and being a husband ranks a close second. My business ranks third in my priorities. My family and I have faced some health and personal issues that we didn’t expect. I’ve had to make decisions that were not in the best interests of my business.

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My son is gifted. Hes had two different IQ tests and a battery of evaluations that indicate he’s in the 99th percentile for intelligence. He’s almost seven years old, enrolled in second grade, is doing third grade math and fourth grade reading.

young boy sits between two carved pumpkins. The graphic on his shirt says General In Training.
My little General In Training with his 2014 Jack-o-lanterns. He grew the pumpkins.

He is very bright and masters most tasks quickly. He’s prone to getting bored with tasks that are nothing more than busy work for him. He gets bored, frustrated and that leads to explosive tantrums at school. Most know him as sweet, outgoing and adorable.

boy riding tricycle.
Riding his Motorcycle in my shop before we got moved in.

He’s been riding shotgun on my business from the very beginning. It has been an awesome educational opportunity for him. I am sure he knows more about business management and negotiations than most guys three times his age.

He helps me shovel the lot. This is from 2013 before the signs went up.
He helps me shovel the lot. This is from 2013 before the signs went up.

In August of 2014 he started kindergarten at the elementary school right around the corner from my shop. That was handy for about eight weeks and he was removed from the classroom for outbursts.

In November of 2014, we started into homeschooling. I was the primary learning coach and my wife helped me in the evenings to prepare the materials. By the end of the school year in June of 2015 we had wrapped up all of the kindergarten materials and were halfway through first grade.

In August 2015 we started into second grade classes at a charter school that claimed to specialize in gifted and talented students. By the end of week two of classes,he had been sent home, suspended and finally removed from the classroom. He wasn’t expelled from the school; we’ve been meeting with various members of their staff for about an hour each day, doing the assignments they send home for him, and homeschooling around them as we work through evaluations and ETR meetings and IEP planning meetings and delay after delay as we advocate for his educational best interests.

My son in white dress shirt with a red tie.
He is here to do something big.

My Wife and I have been together for twenty-two years. She’s always had my back. She’s always been my biggest supporter. She’s been working the same job for fifteen years. Leveraged against her retirement savings to finance this project and does whatever I ask of her around her full time work schedule, responsibilities of the office of treasurer for the school’s pto and selling Mary Kay. I’d of never gotten off the ground nor would I have the strength to continue to push my business forward without her.

She’s my biggest spokesperson. She’s much better about that than I am. She tells anyone that will listen about my shop. When I have my moments of doubt and want to give up, I think of her and my son, and all they’ve done to help me along the way and I don’t want to give up on all they have invested into my project.

This summer she had some health concerns that led to a few anxious weeks for our family. Thankfully everything has leveled out and she is doing well. As part of her ongoing treatment, it is important for her to manage her stress levels. It is paramount to me to see that I am doing my best to not be part of the stress she feels. I need her to be able to take her mind off off of my troubles. Right now, I am essentially a stay at home dad learning coach with a business that sets and waits for me to come back. My wife is the sole bread winner. If she were to be out of work for any period of time, the effects could be devastating to our personal budget. That only serves to add to her stresses.

My online sales have been slow due to a lack of time to do as much with growing my catalog and promoting my business as I would like to. My storefront sales have been virtually nonexistent; I haven’t had the time to be there enough to have regular business hours. When we are there, my son wants to be the center of attention. He wants whoever is in our shop, be it the UPS driver, landlord, customer or service tech, he wants them to play with and pay attention to him. If this mission is unsuccessful, he turns to acting out until I am forced to disengage from the business I am trying to conduct to scold him for something he already knows is unacceptable while we have visitors in the shop. With his short day school schedule, and and their snails pace approach to getting him back into the mainstream classroom, I don’t know when I will be able to have regular business hours.

I need your help. I know you want to help, or you wouldn’t have read this far.

How Can You Help? You can help in three ways:

  • Buy something. If you ride, think of me when you need gear or even parts and accessories.
  • Help me spread the word about my fantastic business. Like my facebook page, follow me on twitter, and share things that you find of interest.
  • Donate to my fundraiser. The monies raised will go to covering future as well as some past due operating expenses that I have incurred along the way.

Two-lane Asphalt road passes through a shallow dip and disappears over the next crestRight now, I don’t know what the future holds. I know my son is very bright, and is here to do God’s work. My wife and I are blessed to have been entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing and raising such a beautiful mind. The personality traits that hold him back today will serve him well when he’s my age. We just have to get him there.

I am running a fundraiser. My goal is to raise $3000 by March 22nd.

Ride With Rand Fundriaser Tee Featuring white ride with rand breast insignia and full size Rands Gear Logo on rear.
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Ride With Rand Fundraiser Page