How To Avoid Shield Fogging During Cold Weather Riding

Showing the different color options of the HJC IS-MAX-II Elemental Snow Helmet

I saw a popular discussion in a Facebook group for ATV owners on the subject of fogged up goggles when out playing in the snow. It got me thinking about what products I could suggest. and here is what I came up with.

Snow Specific Shields
The traditional style snowmobile shield for full-face helmets was the Framed style shield

that moved the shield further away from the rider by changing the angle of the lens to a more upright position.
The new frameless style shields offer a greater range of vision, and increased ventilation to help combat internal heat and humidity that leads to lens fogging.
Frameless style shields feature a dual lens with an air gap between them that helps to reduce the temperature differences between inside and outside of the helmet. Heated electric versions of the dual lens shields offer some relief from shield fogging.
Heated shields have two small heating strips that are powered by your snowmobile or atv’s 12-volt system.
All of the new Snow Helmets from HJC feature the frameless style shields.

Consider a Modular Style Helmet
A Modular style helmet looks like a full face helmet, until you lift the chinbar. Modular helmets such as the HJC CL-MAX-II make it easier to communicate over the sound of your machine while you are stopped on the trail. Being able to open the chinbar or shield gives you the option to let the heat and humidity out of your helmet.

Showing the different color options of the HJC IS-MAX-II Elemental Snow Helmet
The IS-MAX-II is available with either dual lens or electric lens shields.

Choose a well-ventilated helmet
HJC helmets feature the ACS – Advanced Channeling System to vent fresh air in while drawing heat and humidity up and out of the helmet.

Use a Breath-Guard to direct your hot exhaust down and out of the helmet. Breath guards, or Boxes are available for Full face, modular, and offroad style helmets. Convert your MX/ATV Helmet into a snocross helmet in under a minute.

A bright orange CL-X7-SN DYNASTY offroad snocross helmet by HJC-Helmets.
Bold Hi-Contrast Orange colorway . The DYNASTY CL-X7 Snocross/ATV Helmet. The Snocross version includes a breath-guard.

Dress in Layers
Unzip or shed layers as you get warmed up. Control your body temp and you can reduce the heat ending up in your helmet.

Anti-fog products and home remedies
There are how many anti-fog products on the market? I heard all sorts of suggestions. Which is best? I don’t know. I was most interested in the claims of dish soap or spit to help reduce fogging. I have to try these out for myself, but some riders say a small drop of Dawn dish soap or spit polished out with a paper towel helps to reduce fogging issues.

Don’t stop – Chatterbox
Another option to opening your shield or chinbar while you are stopped is to keep moving. I read that many riders don’t have a fogging issue as long as they are moving. That being said, you have to be able to stay in communication with your other riders. Consider a bluetooth communication system such as the Chatterbox.

Bluetooth Helmet Communication system from CChatterbox. Designed for the HJC BT Series Snow and Street Helmets
Stay in touch with your fellow riders with the Chatterbox XBI2H Bluetooth Communication System

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