My Commitment to Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service is how I set myself apart in a very competitive marketplace. I value good service, and it is important to me to make sure that I go above and beyond to get the job done for my customers.
Today’s events were far from typical.
Connectivity issues at the shop and I couldn’t print a shipping-label. Thirty minutes on the phone with support, we weren’t able to resolve, so I bailed on that to take said package and run home. I printed the label on plain paper, and then remembered that I don’t have packing tape at home… I’ll stop and get some on my way to the UPS-terminal. No, wait, one better. White school glue. As Peg would say, Problem Solved.
Would you believe? All the way down the Anthony-Wayne-Trail from Monroe Street in Downtown all the way to Conant Street in Maumee without stopping? The powers that be knew that I was behind the ball and did what they could to get me back on schedule. Up Conant Street, past Honda East, and on to the UPS-terminal. Package dropped at the hub, ready to head out for Jersey City on tonight’s truck.
Rands Motorcycle Gear Sprocket logo with orange gear and black text
Now east on the Ohio Turnpike through the orange-barrels to exit 72 and north on I-280 through the orange-barrels to Exit 7 and east Navarre Avenue to the shop to pay the bills and round two of diagnose the network… No luck on that mission. They are sending a tech in the morning and I’m sure we’ll get it fixed.
Sixty miles later, I’m home for the evening, ready to dive into an inventory update and some new item creation for the Rands Motorcycle Gear eBay store.
While today was far from my typical workday, it is all in a day’s work, if that’s what it takes.

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