In Search of the Perfect Motorcycling Destination

Bikers love to ride.
Any excuse to get on my motorcycle is good enough for me.
Once I fold that kickstand, I don’t want to put it back down. We all got to stop somewhere to stretch our legs and eat. When we get to ride, we want to cruise. No one wants to be stuck in traffic and urban gridlock. Motorcycles crave the open road. Give me a few hills, and curves and I am happy rider.
I kept this in mind as I searched for the perfect location for my Motorcycle Gear Shop. Quaint downtown business districts make popular destinations for motorcyclists. I hope the synergy of the abundant restaurant and small retailers nearby will help bring riders to my shop.
A friend turned me onto the storefront I have my eye on for my riding gear shop. It’s in a suburb west of Toledo. They have a cool looking downtown commercial district, and a business association which promotes the local retailers with seasonal events.
The shop is tucked away in a small plaza. It is smaller than most of the other storefronts I have seen, and on a per square foot basis, the rent is affordable. It’s more space than I need; but I have the space to expand.
Foot traffic and counter sales are a very seasonal affair in the motorcycle and powersports industry.
In Ohio and the Midwest our riding season is May through October or so. There are those hardcore bikers that ride along the bone-chilling cold of the Lake Erie Coast in January. I call it dedication to one’s passion. In the south and west, the riding season is more late fall through spring. It gets too hot in the summer to be cruising around with a full-face helmet and a leather-jacket. There again, there are the hardcore guys that will ride regardless of how hot it gets.
By balancing my energies between my local shop and my ecommerce sales, I can offset the regional seasonality that most motorcycle shops are accustomed to. There are far more potential customers online that I could ever hope to see in my shop. It’s always riding season somewhere.
I bring a new perspective to powersports.
I think outside the box; so be ready for something different than you may be used to in a motorcycle shop.