How To Fit a Motorcycle Helmet

A chart comparing sizes across more than a dozen helmet brands.

Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Tips
Get on the search engines and do your own independent research. Hit up a few Helmet Manufacturers Pages for their take on Safety, Quality, and How to Fit.

Measure your head with a cloth tape measure or a string.

Man measuring head size for proper helmet fit
Measure at the widest part of your head.

Measure approximately one inch above your ears and eyes.

Take measurements at varying angles.

Line drawing of proper method for measuring head size for a motorcycle helmet
Using a string or a cloth tape measure, measure at the widest part of your head.

Use the largest measurement when you are looking at size charts. Go with the smaller size if you fall in between size ranges.

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How to make sure your helmet fits properly

Pull outwards on each chinstrap to expand the helmet opening and slide it onto your head.
The inner helmet liner should fit snugly around your head.
Make sure that the top pad is seated against the top of your head.

For Full-Face Helmets, the cheek pads should fit snugly against your cheeks.

Fasten the chin strap and place one hand on each side of the helmet.

line drawing illustrating how to check a motorcycle helmet for proper fit
Put the helmet on. Fasten the chin strap, check for fit by moving helmet up and down as well as trying to rotate the helmet on your head.

Hold your head still and try to move the helmet up and down, and side to side. You should feel the skin of your head and face being pulled as you try to move the helmet. The helmet must fit snugly to offer maximum protection.

If you can move the helmet around easily, it is too big. Most helmets offer optional liner and cheek pad options to offer additional flexibility in fit.

Try sticking a pinky between your forehead and the helmet — you shouldn’t be able to get more than the very tip in. Good motorcycle dealers will have a staff that is trained to properly fit helmets to heads. These experts help customers find the helmet type and size that best fits their heads and needs.

Motorcycle Helmet sizing and lining shape are not consistent. Neither is head and face shape. You may find that the shape of the liner varies from brand to brand and that one offers a better fit for you over the others.

Try on a few brands/models of motorcycle helmets and compare how each size fits.

A blonde haired female motorcyclist wearing a Schuberth Modular style motorcycle helmet
Schuberth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

While riding motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and snowmobiles is fun, it is a dangerous pastime. Please enjoy riding responsibly, and to always ride within the limits of your abilities.

Please do not let my advice substitute for doing your own independent research on Motorcycle Helmets and Safety standards before you purchase your next helmet.

I hope that I have given you some factors to keep in mind as you do your research and shopping that will help you to make a more informed decision. Helping riders stay safe is very important to me.

An assortment of motorcycle helmets displayed in a motorcycle dealership
Eye Candy.

Motorcycle, Offroad and Snow Helmet Size Charts

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