A Different Kind of Motorcycle Shop Is Coming To Town

Red hot iron bar on an anvil

My name is Rand. I’m in the process of opening a motorcycle safety gear store in Toledo Ohio. My goal is to provide access to a wide range of products focused on improving rider’s safety and comfort while they are on their motorcycles.
I have a well thought out business plan. I have read extensively about writing a business plan and about why businesses fail. I am focused on the first thirty-six months. With three years of successful operations and steady growth, I will have an established record of performance that will allow me to attract the talent I will need to move beyond my capabilities.
Developing my business plan has come at the cost of a steep learning curve. I don’t know everything that I could or feel like I should. I know that I am a quick learner, and I am going to jump on in with the solid knowledge and resources that I have and figure out what I need to brain up on as I need it.
I’ve looked at other options where I could use my ecommerce and social media marketing knowledge, and powersports just keeps finding a way to stay in my line of sight. A few points along the way, I have been distracted, and when I least expect it, I get a stern reminder of the course I should be on. Now, as I work on my business plan, things keep falling into place in a way that almost seems too good to be true.